Friday, March 23, 2007

India...Cricket...Aggu...and Sachin Tendulkar :P

The World Cup, coming as it does every four years, offers an occasion for the full flow of adrenaline in ur bodies. I reference my life with each World Cup, reflect on how things were with me when the last one was played and reassess how they are now. Do you do that? If you are a true fan, I think you would. It’s just one of those intersections between sport and life that is so much part of being a fan.

Yeah..I do that...I have been doing that..and I will do that.I have innumerable,but crystal clear memories of India's cricketing history.Here,I will jot down the WC ones only though.It all started from a cricket loving father asking his 3 year old son to watch,a blazing...,I remember it to be one,knock by Sachin Tendulkar,bellowing with ecstasy every time the ball hits the boundary,pushing more popcorn into the overflowing mouth.I didn't know then,neither did my father,nor did Sachin Tendulkar,nor did the guy who manufactures the popcorn,that there were lot more things to follow.None knew that Sachin would turn into Sir Sachin Tendulkar, that I will turn into THE cricket buff,in an already-cricket-frenzy family living a cricket worshipping country,that the popcorn wud b replaced by chips,coke tins and all.All that I could gather then was,shout at the pitch of ur voice everytime papa shouts,raise ur hand up in the air with the fist clenched tight,and ofcourse,push more popcorn into ur mouth.

I still regret for not being able to catch even a glimpse of the 1992 world cup.I regret for not being my brother,who landed upon this world,while my mom was watching the 1987 Reliance World Cup. Never mind...I proved myself later on.

I watched the 1996 world cup,match after match,ball after ball.I understood the game completely by then.I could easily tell what wides were,what a well left shot was,and stuff.But couldn't predict a soon to follow cyclestand collapse.I was betting hard,with every1 in our family,that India wud win the semifinal.I got up and went to the toilet.My uncle was applauding for a boundary.By the time,I returned...everything was out of hand.I still remember the situation,Sachin was runout for some bullshit lack of coord.... My uncle was leaving for his home,following a batting collapse.I was sitting just there,jlt,not sure if I can cry.But,I felt an acute pain,something that did fit well into the sudden silence,our house has thrown itself into.

Then,there is this 1999 world cup.All my bets on India.Again THE SACHIN TENDULKAR PHENOMENON,the maestro had to attend his father's funeral.And,the rest is history...Never mind...It happens...I started understanding thes lines by then.India left early in the tournament,but then they could achieve one rare thing,they made ME cry.Ofcourse,only they could achieve it many times later.

Flash...flash...the 2003 world cup,by this time,my cricket knowledge was,I believed,to be greater than any of the cricketing greats :P.That was thoroughly an overstatement,but then the enthusiasm has reached its teens.The cricket fan in me was in outstanding form.He discussed abt Great Batch with his best fren Shaily.He bunked his classes,only to watch India win a test match.Sounds pretty normal heh...But then he watched the entire 5th day,standing outside a medical shop,in hot,tiring conditionsWatching ball after ball..And many expected,it was THE SACHIN TENDULKAR PHENOMENON again.I still remember the agony causal of every Ricky's six hurting me deep.I can recall the moments of anguish,with tears dropping from my eyes,following Sachin's dismissal.By then,I thought I was a mature cricket fan,that I would never cry after losing a match.But for these peurile emotions...I could not sleep that night...But then,it just happens,that was wat I said 2 myself.Maturity...or defence mechanism..or whatever.

Enter 2007 worldcup,I bet on India and THE SACHIN TENDULKAR PHENOMENON again.

P.S:Sorry,the post was a bit too long.But then,there are three world cups.

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