Tuesday, September 01, 2009

The Little Doll

There was once a little doll,
with looks so cozy.
She had a cuddly crawl,
and cheeks so rosy.

She was my little doll,
my whole life's worth.
Such was my little doll,
my whole new birth.

I was her tune,
and she was my dance.
We lived a boon,
loving the trance.

Now,I live my life,
and she loves hers.
Lost was the life,
which used to be ours.

There was a little doll,
and my memory ain't lousy.
Now there's a subtle wall,
and my dream's so drowsy.

Well!In your well-known world,
a little doll cried.
But,in my unknown world,
a little doll died.

P.S 1: This is a poetic response to the yesteryear blockbuster The Little Doll and the goldwinner The Little Doll.

P.S 2: All characters in the poem are purely fictional. Any resemblance to any person or a doll, living or otherwise, is purely kakataliyam a k a coincidental. This is for a creative writing assignment which was supposed to a) Start with "There was once a little doll" and b) End with "A little doll cried. A little doll died"