Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Guys...Can der b a weirder dream?!?

Lads 'n' lasses;

A few days back,I had de weirdest dream in my life.U 'no I have an xeptional capability to remember my dreams wid a crystal clear sequence of da scenes and actions.Dis really makes life enjoyable yaar...Mayb I'm a little superfluous,but dat is one thingy U can always xpect frm me.

"I awake into my dream.It's nite time.I have 2 walk thru' dis part of da city dat I'm not comfortable in.I'm unwittingly walking at a strangely rapid pace,when I noticed something.Der's someone out der.Right at da other end of dis street.Just da first flash of a faint outline in dis deeply dim lit street sent an apparently stunning shock down my spine.Not dat I'm clairvoyant or something,but I knew frm da setting dat I'm in grave danger by dis guy.The very next moment,we are already involved in a sort of physical combat.My tame punches are obviously nonpareil wid de strong ruddy punches of an apparently seasoned fighter.Two strong blows,I recall both on da left part of my ribs,and I was down on da ground whirling around,whimpering in agony.I'm dying...under da clutches of da ugliest strength.Just as I was trying 2 gather all my energy 2 evade da seemingly inevitable,something even strange happened.

The entire scenario changed as if dreams transcend into newer settings quite often.

"I'm walking thru' one of my most familiar streets,enjoying da cool breeze,one late nite.I'm walking wid no real destination in my mind,as if I have no bloody responsibility in my life.Just as I was kicking past my old house,I saw someone turning around da corner and walking thru' da street,frm da opp. end.Suddenly,I felt some sort of scientific sickness comeover.Not any kind of fear,but a calculative state of mind wid da ugliest intentions.I felt as if da other guy is der just 2 b killed.I hold no bloody personal grudge over him.But God!!!Da thrill of xperiencing a cold blooded murder was certainly dominant.I started running towards him wid all da frantic hooting possible.The next moment,I'm punching him hard on his ribs.Throwing him down,and watch...
What's dis?I'm all upon him enjoying his death,with not an inch of fear for myself.I'm laughing like an insane monster,completely empty of remorse.Huh...I'm killing him.Just as I was pulling out da flickering shades of life from him,I gazed upon his face,in da dimlit surroundings,as if for da first time.Shock......Ironically,he is none else dan...MYSELF".

So...Howzzat.Forgive me if I sounded like one Enid Blyton or crap.But do post ur opinions certainly.

Ever yours,