Tuesday, September 01, 2009

The Little Doll

There was once a little doll,
with looks so cozy.
She had a cuddly crawl,
and cheeks so rosy.

She was my little doll,
my whole life's worth.
Such was my little doll,
my whole new birth.

I was her tune,
and she was my dance.
We lived a boon,
loving the trance.

Now,I live my life,
and she loves hers.
Lost was the life,
which used to be ours.

There was a little doll,
and my memory ain't lousy.
Now there's a subtle wall,
and my dream's so drowsy.

Well!In your well-known world,
a little doll cried.
But,in my unknown world,
a little doll died.

P.S 1: This is a poetic response to the yesteryear blockbuster The Little Doll and the goldwinner The Little Doll.

P.S 2: All characters in the poem are purely fictional. Any resemblance to any person or a doll, living or otherwise, is purely kakataliyam a k a coincidental. This is for a creative writing assignment which was supposed to a) Start with "There was once a little doll" and b) End with "A little doll cried. A little doll died"


Anonymous said...

nice mama

MyTh said...

coolio, i never seem to understand rhymes, but its a talent nonetheless

and thanks for linking my blog :D

arupendu said...

Aggu nice poem!

Kharageous said...

keka la unnav..

Vikram Rathi said...

good one...but I don't know whether I got right meaning out of it. U see that's the main problem with verses, lots of interpretations.
keep it up!!

karun said...

frankie was right..
poem was ossum
i dunno 4-5 reads down the line, but the first made me sit up and take not of stanza 2.
P.S. normally manipulative,rhymes in this dint seem so. \m/

Anonymous said...

Stud ra maama!

the full blood prince said...

good work again.. although you've set higher standards for yourself with your previous works!

mandrake said...

nice work dude.. i like the disclaimer best.. :).. and the last 2 lines ..

venkat said...

racha mama...

s15dreamweaver said...

kakataliyam aa tokka ! malli 'my'...'hers' enti ra? :P

aditya pappula said...

aggu is back fellas... n so is the musical :D

Anonymous said...

never knew of your "doll"...
hope its inanimate...cuz its highly subjective elsewise

waise nicey poem...

Sid said...

Nice man...it seems to have come straight from the heart...

Nihar Panigrahi said...

Loved the P.S. 2! :D

P.S. Liked the poem too! :)