Thursday, April 16, 2009

I really want the title to be...

.....Erm.Straight from Uday Aghamarshan B.

Girl! Things we-now-not even think of,
will come back to haunt at the brink of,
the inevitable saturation,
of years of frustration,
Ah! Those things we'd not even think of.

Why don't you paint? Why don't you? Why?
You love your art as much as I,
But I'm a nerd,
O! That's absurd,
Concocted stories made up a lie.

Voices in heart,too loud to be ignored,
Hands of art,are really really bored,
They wanna run,
Why?Possibly stun,
and leave every lover of art floored.

And thus locked in the boredom,
of deathless assignments in tandem,
Thoughts deeply fried,
she threw Gottfried,
And started to fetch her freedom.

O! Behold my friend!Nothing serious I guess,
You're learning a lot amidst this duress,
Oh! Friend of mine,
you really are fine,
I thought I'll just pull your leg. Yes!

Updating duly,
Yours truly.


mannings said...

this aint any endsem,
stop copying,
for this is a poem,
start thinking.

MyTh said...

mere bas ki baat nahi hai, thats why i write in blankverse :P

Anup Bishnoi said...

"Why don't you paint?"
that is a poem in itself :)